Instructors & Performers

Cuban Flex


The group of three Cuban Flex, dancers and teachers is always presented as the three sparks everywhere.

Cuban Flex's dance lessons are impossible to describe in words, it has to be experienced! The same package not only offers an excellent dance session, but also an energetic show of three men, with sweat tends to flow, shirts flying off and laughing ragged.

The group’s shows are swift, entertaining art samples that combine different dance styles and acrobatic tricks.  The members of the group founded Cuban Flex in their new home country Italy in 2013. Tony Alvarado dancing in Cuba while working in Tony Menendez's dance group and Yunier Aguilera Teatro América dance group. Yanni Rodriguez's background is on break dancing and acrobatics.

A versatile background is seen in Cuban Flex's dance: they combine salsa, reggaeton and all other Cuban dances into an irresistible whole. Absolutely the hottest and coolest thing to see right now!