Arriving in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Air, EasyJet, WizzAir and most of the other major airlines offer direct flight to Sofia (airport code: SOF), the capital of Bulgaria. Ryanair has also direct flight to Plovdiv International Airport (code: PDV). These are the two most convenient options if you are taking a plane to Bulgaria.

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If you choose to take a bus or train you have the option to arrive directly at Sofia Central Railway station or Sofia Central Bus station. For convenience both the Central Railway and Bus stations are located next to each other. From there you can take a direct bus or train to Plovdiv.

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If you are arriving by car have in mind that you will need to have a vignette sticker purchased at entering in Bulgaria. It is obligatory when you use the public roads or highway. The price for a weekly vignette is 15 leva (7.5 euros).

Arriving in Plovdiv

Shuttle service from Sofia Airport to House of Culture "Boris Hristov" in Plovdiv

* One-way ticket price is 10 €.
** You will need to request your seat on the shuttle at least one day in advance via
*** Contact details for the shuttle service at the airport +359 87 981 8017 (Lubo Metodiev)

You can also arrive in Plovdiv by bus, train or plane. Each major city in Bulgaria has regular bus lines to Plovdiv.

If you travel from Sofia you can take a train to Plovdiv from the Sofia Central Railway Station. Price depends on the type of train and ticket that you prefer. Generally a one-way ticket to Plovdiv will cost you around 10.90 leva (around 6 euros) for second class and 13.60 leva (around 7 euros) for first class with the standard speed trains. Trip duration is around 2.30 hours.

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Bus tickets cost around 14 leva (around 7 euro) for a one way ticket. You can purchase your ticket directly from the bus station desk located in the Sofia Central Bus Station. Trip duration is around 2 hours.

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Arriving at your hotel

1. Hotel Ego

Address: Eliezer Kalev Str, 2 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2. Famous House Hotel

Address: "Beethoven" 4 str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria

3. Alliance Hotel

Address: 7 Vasil Aprilov Blvd., Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Arriving at the festival venue

The Festival venue is Cultural House “Boris Hristov”. Address is #15, Glaston str., Plovdiv, 4000.

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Public transportation can be also used to arrive at the festival venue. Lines 10 and 66 will take you to bus stop “Kino Kosmos” (“Kosmos Cinema”) which is less than 1 minute from the festival venue. Price of the bus ticket is 1 lev (0.50 euros).

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Taxi fares are cheap in Plovdiv as the major taxi companies offer prices below 1 euro/per km. Each taxi has the company fares listed in a visible white sticker in the rear car windows and front car dashboard at the passenger’s seat side. The major companies in Plovdiv are:

Company name

Phone number

Leader Taxi

 00359 32 6143

Elma Taxi

 00359 32 6665

Eko Taxi

 00359 32 6155


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